SC-900 Practice Test [Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity]

SC-900 Practice Tests [MS Security, Compliance, & Identity Fundamentals] Exam

SC-900 Exam Questions

I am very pleased to announce that I have released my first Udemy course SC-900 Practice Test [Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity]

Why You Should Purchase My SC-900 Practice Test Course?

The main advantage of enrolling in my course is you get to learn from someone who has actually cleared the SC-900 certificate exam. You can view my certification here.

In addition to that, the SC-900 practice test includes the following features:

a. 180+ well-researched questions.

b. Lucid explanations for both correct & incorrect answers.

c. Supporting visuals created by me to drive better understanding (Not taken from Microsoft documentation)

d. Explanations run parallel to the product. Every detailed explanation has corroborating evidence with the Microsoft product (like Azure or Microsoft 365 security center, etc.) shown in the form of screenshots and clear callouts.

e. Reference links not just for the correct answer but also the incorrect answers.

f. I love to help you succeed. If you need to discuss, we have an Active Q&A dashboard and expect very fast responses (save for my sleeping hours, which is generally less).

g. I have rephrased the reasoning in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

h. Don’t worry about inaccurate sentence framing/wrong grammar/incorrect punctuations. I use Grammarly to review every question.

i. Almost non-existent repetition of questions to increase the question count.

j. Of course, don’t take my word. Go to my website and review the FREE SC-900 sample questions before you purchase.

k. 30-day money-back guarantee. Feel free to check them out. You can always request a refund (although I am confident that you would love the product so much that you wouldn’t need to).

l. Lifetime access to all the future updates to the SC-900 certification exam.

m. Give the SC-900 practice test or go through the explanations with either mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Who should take this Certification Exam and the SC-900 Practice Test?

a. SC-900 is a fundamentals exam in security. Both Micorosft 365 security and Azure security.

b. It helps you to learn fundamentals concepts in Microsoft security which will help you establish a strong foundation for other security exams in Microsoft 365/Azure like:

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500

Microsoft 365 Security Administration MS-500

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst SC-200

Microsoft Identity And Access Administrator SC-300

Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400

c. If you are already a security expert / cleared one of the above Microsoft certifications, SC-900 is not required. Directly go to the relevant certifications based on your work profile.

The above are the most important points to note. Below are some of the points focussed on marketing (boring to read, though, so please feel free to skip):

a. Candidates who want to clear the SC-900 exam.

b. IT Professionals who want to gauge their Azure & Microsoft 365 Knowledge related to compliance, security & identity for their upcoming interviews

c. Anyone in IT who want to take their career, and salary, to a whole new level with an Azure certification

d. Candidates with non-technical backgrounds interested in learning about cloud security.

How Does the SC-900 Practice Test Questions are Designed?

The questions are collected from a variety of domains and sub-domains with extra care taken to equal attention to each exam area. Also, the questions are on different levels.

For example:

a. Remember-level questions test whether you have the ability to recall memorized facts, & basic concepts.

b. Understand-level questions validate whether you have the ability to explain the meanings of terms, & concepts.

c. Application-level questions test whether you have the ability to perform tasks using facts, concepts, & techniques, and,

d. Analysis-level questions validate whether you have the ability to diagnose situations & solve problems with concepts & techniques.

A mixture of questions at different levels reinforces your knowledge and prepares you to ace the exam.

Ready to Try Out My SC-900 Practice Test?

To get the SC-900 practice test (full course) on Udemy (with discounted coupon), click here

Also, check out the SC-900 study guide on my blog.

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