Migrating SSIS Packages to ADF (Azure Data Factory)

I am very happy to announce that I released my first course ‘Migrating SSIS Packages to ADF (Azure Data Factory)‘ (Lift-and-shift SSIS Packages to Azure Data Factory v2) on Pluralsight. I designed this course to be visually elegant.

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These are the items covered in the Migrate SSIS Packages to ADF (Azure Data Factory) course:

Getting Started with Azure Data Factory

Just an introduction to ADF and why you need to Lift-and-shift SSIS packages to Azure Data Factory

Running SSIS Packages in Azure Data Factory

Different ways you can lift-and-shift SSIS Packages to ADF. Also how you can configure the pipeline with variables, parameters, etc)

Securing Data in Azure Data Factory

Learn about the security aspects of ADF migration (Azure Key Vault, Using Managed Identity, Service Principal authentication, etc)

Scheduling SSIS Packages in Azure Data Factory

Learn how you can schedule the SSIS packages in ADF (with schedule trigger, event-based trigger, tumbling window trigger, scheduling Azure SSIS Integration Runtime, etc)

Monitoring Azure Data Factory Pipelines

Here, once the data factory pipelines are operational, I discuss the different techniques to monitor the ADF pipelines

So, What’s Next?

Watch a couple of sample clips from YouTube so you know what to expect from the course

Course Trailer

Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime

How Azure Data Factory Works?

Execute SSIS Packages That Connect to On-premise Data

Azure SQL DB vs. Managed Instance

I would love to know your feedback. Please comment on how you like the course

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