MS-100 Exam Study Guide (Microsoft 365 Identity and Services)

MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity & Services Study Guide

How to Prepare for the MS-100 Exam?

Preparing for the MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certification for Enterprise Administrator Expert? Don’t know where to start? This post is the MS-100 Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from Microsoft documentation for each objective of the MS-100 exam. Please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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Design and Implement Microsoft 365 Services (25-30%)

Plan Architecture

Plan integration of Microsoft 365 and on-premises environments

Microsoft 365 integration with on-premises environments

Identify deployment workloads team

Configure Microsoft 365 Enterprise services and applications

Plan identity and authentication solution

Identity roadmap for Microsoft 365

Plan Microsoft 365 identity models

Plan enterprise application modernization

Modernize your workplace with Microsoft 365

Deploy Microsoft 365 Tenant

Manage domains

Manage domains in Microsoft 365

Configure organizational settings

Plan and manage organizational settings

Complete organizational profile

Customize the Microsoft 365 theme for your organization

Add a Microsoft partner or work with Microsoft FastTrack

FastTrack for Microsoft 365

FastTrack FAQs

Complete subscription setup wizard

Set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Set up Microsoft 365 Business in the setup wizard

Plan and create a tenant

Tenant roadmap for Microsoft 365

Set up your Microsoft 365 tenant

Edit organizational profile

Change your organization’s address, technical contact, & more

Plan and create the subscription(s)

Understand subscriptions & licenses in Microsoft 365

Buy a subscription

Configure tenant-wide workload settings

Configure your Microsoft 365 tenant for increased security

Configure Microsoft 365 Tenancy and Subscription

Configure subscription and tenant roles and workload settings

Get started with the roles page

About admin roles in Microsoft 365

Assign admin roles to users

Evaluate Microsoft 365 for your organization

Microsoft 365 for enterprise Test Lab Guides

Plan and create a tenant

Create your Microsoft 365 tenant account

Upgrade existing subscriptions to Microsoft 365

Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Premium from Business Standard

Switch to a different Microsoft 365 for business plan

Monitor license allocations

View licensed and unlicensed Microsoft 365 users

View Microsoft 365 account license and service details

Manage Microsoft 365 Subscription and Tenant Health

Manage service health alerts

Service health and continuity

View service health notifications by using the Azure portal

Create and manage service requests

Ways to contact support for business products

How to create service requests to contact Office 365 support?

Create an internal service health response plan

Service health and continuity

Monitor service health

How to check Microsoft 365 service health?

Configure and review reports, including BI, Operations Management Suite (OMS), and Microsoft 365 reporting

Customize the reports in Microsoft 365 usage analytics

Monitoring and Reporting of Office 365 with OMS

Schedule and review security and compliance reports

Reports in the Security & Compliance Center

Types of reports in the Security & Compliance Center

View reports for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

View email security reports in the Security & Compliance Center

Schedule and review usage metrics

Enable Microsoft 365 usage analytics

Review usage reports

Monitor user activity by using reports

Plan Migration of Users and Data

Identify data to be migrated and migration method

Data Migration in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 data migration methods

Identify users and mailboxes to be migrated and migration method

Move mailboxes between on-premises & Exchange Online

Ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Microsoft 365

Plan migration of on-premises users and groups

Migrate traditional Distribution Groups to Office 365 Groups

Migrate on-premise user account on Office 365

Import PST Files

Overview of importing your organization’s PST files

Import your organization’s PST files to Microsoft 365

Manage User Identity and Roles (25-30%)

Design Identity Strategy

Evaluate requirements and solutions for synchronization

Determine directory synchronization requirements

Directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

Set up directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

Evaluate requirements and solutions for identity management

Identity roadmap for Microsoft 365

Determine identity requirements for a hybrid identity solution

Evaluate requirements and solutions for authentication

Choose the right authentication method

Plan Identity Synchronization by Using Azure AD Connect

Design directory synchronization

Hybrid identity & directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

Implement directory synchronization with directory services, federation services, and Azure endpoints

Set up directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

Deploy Microsoft 365 Directory Synchronization

Azure AD Connect sync V2 endpoint API

Manage Identity Synchronization by Using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Configure directory synchronization

Set up directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

Monitor Azure AD Connect Health

What is Azure AD Connect Health?

Monitor AD FS using Azure AD Connect Health

Azure Active Directory Connect Health: Monitoring the sync engine

Manage Azure AD Connect synchronization

Azure AD Connect sync: Understand synchronization

Change the default configuration in Azure AD Connect sync

Configure object filters

Control which objects appear in Azure Active Directory

Configure password synchronization

Implement password hash synchronization with Azure AD Connect sync

Implement multi-forest AD Connect scenarios

Topologies for Azure AD Connect

Microsoft Azure AD Connect – multiple forests, single Azure AD tenant

Update AAD Connect to include more than one forest

Manage Azure AD Identities

Plan Azure AD identities

Azure AD Identity lifecycle

What is a hybrid identity with Azure Active Directory?

Azure AD UserPrincipalName (UPN) population

Implement and manage self-service password reset (SSPR)

Plan an Azure AD self-service password reset deployment

Enable Azure AD self-service password reset

How does Azure AD Self-service Password Reset work?

Manage access reviews

What are Azure AD access reviews?

Perform access review using My Access

Manage groups

Manage app and resource access using Azure AD groups

Manage passwords

Set the password expiration policy for your organization

Azure AD Password Protection

Manage product licenses

Assign or remove licenses in Azure Active Directory

Change license assignments for a user or group in Azure AD

Scenarios using groups to manage licensing in Azure AD

Manage users

Create and manage users in Azure Active Directory

Perform bulk user management

Add several users at the same time to Microsoft 365

Bulk create users in Azure Active Directory

Manage Roles

Plan user roles

Roles available in Microsoft 365

Manage admin roles

View & assign administrator roles in Azure Active Directory

Allocate roles for workloads

Workload-specific roles in Microsoft 365

Assign admin roles to users in Microsoft 365

Manage role allocations by using Azure AD

Manage Azure role assignments

ms-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and services

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Manage Access and Authentication (15-20%)

Manage Authentication

Design authentication method

Authentication methods available in Azure Active Directory

Choose the right authentication method for your solution

Configure authentication

Configure your app to use Azure AD login

Implement authentication method

Enable passwordless sign-in with the Authenticator app

SMS-based authentication using Azure Active Directory

Enable passwordless security key sign-in

Sign-in to Azure AD using email as an alternate login ID

Manage authentication

Eliminate bad passwords in Azure Active Directory

Monitor authentication

What is Azure Active Directory monitoring?

What are Azure Active Directory reports?

Plan and Implement Secure Access

Design a conditional access solution

Plan a Conditional Access deployment

Plan conditional access policies

Implement entitlement packages

What is Azure AD entitlement management?

Manage access to resources in Azure AD entitlement management

Implement Azure AD Identity Protection

What is Identity Protection?

Identity Protection for Microsoft 365 environment

Manage identity protection

Manage Azure AD Identity Protection

Implement conditional access

Implement conditional access policy controls & assignments

Conditional Access: Require MFA for all users

Manage conditional access

Building a Conditional Access policy

Configure Application Access

Configure application registration in Azure AD

Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform

Create an Azure AD application & service principal to access resources

Configure Azure AD application proxy

Remote access to on-premises apps with Azure AD Application Proxy

Using Azure AD Application Proxy to publish on-premises apps

Azure AD Application Proxy frequently asked questions

Publish enterprise apps in Azure AD

Add an application to your Azure Active Directory tenant

Plan Office 365 Workloads and Applications (25-30%)

Plan Microsoft 365 Apps Deployment

Manage Office software downloads

Manage software download settings in Office 365

Configuring Office 365 download settings for end-user

Manage Microsoft 365 apps

Manage Microsoft 365 Apps with Configuration Manager

Plan for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

Plan your enterprise deployment of Microsoft 365 Apps

Plan for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise updates

Choose how to manage updates

Plan for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise connectivity

Microsoft 365 network connectivity overview

Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles

Plan for Office for the web

Office for the web service description

Plan Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise deployment

Deployment guide for Microsoft 365 Apps

Plan your enterprise deployment of Microsoft 365 apps

Plan for Messaging Deployments

Plan migration strategy

Evaluate migration methods

Migrate from other messaging systems

Plan messaging deployment

Planning and deployment

Identify hybrid requirements

Hybrid deployment prerequisites

Exchange hybrid deployment considerations

Plan for connectivity

Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles

Network planning for Microsoft 365

Plan for mail routing

Set up connectors to route mail from Microsoft 365

Transport routing in Exchange

Plan email domains

Manage accepted domains in Exchange Online

Email authentication in EOP

Plan for Microsoft SharePoint Online and
OneDrive for Business

Plan migration strategy

Migrate your files to Microsoft 365 with Migration Manager

Create a SharePoint migration project plan

Migrate your content to Microsoft 365

Migrate content to a OneDrive

Plan external share settings

External sharing overview – SharePoint

Manage sharing settings in SharePoint

Identify hybrid requirements

Hardware & software requirements for SharePoint hybrid

Configure hybrid Microsoft OneDrive

Manage access configurations

Set up and manage access requests in SharePoint

Manage Microsoft groups

Create a group in the Microsoft 365 admin center

Add or remove members from Microsoft 365 groups

Manage SharePoint tenant and site settings

Change a site’s information settings

SharePoint Online tenant properties

Plan for Microsoft Teams Infrastructure

Plan for quality and capacity

Use CQD to manage call quality in Teams

Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams

Plan for telephony

Which calling plan is right for you?

Calling plans for Microsoft 365

Plan Microsoft Teams deployment

Microsoft Teams deployment overview

Plan your Teams meeting deployment

Plan Microsoft Teams organizational settings

Manage Microsoft Teams settings for your organization

Plan Microsoft Power Platform Integration

Implement Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) starter kit

Set up the CoE Starter Kit

Gain insights into your Power Platform adoption with the CoE dashboard

Plan for Power Platform workload deployments

Plan for deployment and administration

Plan resource deployment

Plan your deployment

Plan for connectivity (and data flow)

Power Platform dataflows

Create & use dataflows in Microsoft Power Platform

Managing environments

Manage environments in the Power Platform admin center

Manage resources

Resource overview

This brings us to the end of the MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Study Guide.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you how your MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity & Services certification preparation is going on!

In case you are preparing for other Microsoft 365 certification exams, check out the Microsoft 365 study guide for those exams.

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