MS-600 Exam Study Guide (Building Applications & Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services)

MS-600 Exam Study Guide (Building Applications & Solutions With Microsoft 365 Core Services)

How to Prepare for the MS-600 Exam?

Preparing for the MS-600 Building Applications & Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services exam to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certification for Developer Associate? Don’t know where to start? This post is the MS-600 Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from Microsoft documentation for each objective of the MS-600 exam. Please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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Implement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)

Register an Application

Determine the supported account type

Supported account types

Account types in Microsoft identity

Select authentication and client credentials for app type and authentication flow

OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow

Authentication flows

Define app roles

Add app roles to your application

Implement Authentication

Configure the JavaScript implementation of Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for endpoint and token cache

Overview of the Microsoft Authentication Library

Acquire & cache tokens using the MSAL

Sign in users from a JavaScript SPA

Plan and configure scopes for dynamic or static permission

Permissions & consent in the Microsoft identity platform

Use the MSAL (JavaScript) login method

Single-page application: Sign-in and Sign-out

Configure Permissions to Consume an API

Configure delegated permissions for the app

Delegated permission to Microsoft Graph

Configure application permissions for the app

Application permission to Microsoft Graph

Identify admin consent requirements

Admin consent on the Microsoft identity platform

Implement Authorization to Consume an API

Configure incremental consent scopes

Incremental and dynamic consent

Build an app with restricted scopes using the Microsoft identity platform

Call MSAL (JavaScript) using acquireTokenSilent/acquireToken pattern

Acquire a token to call an API

Acquire and use an Access Token

Microsoft Authentication Library for JavaScript

Implement Authorization in an API

Validate access token

Validating tokens

Validate security tokens

Configure effective permissions for delegated scopes

Permissions and consent in the Microsoft identity platform

Implement app permissions using roles

Add app roles to your app & receive them in the token

Use a delegated access token to call a Microsoft API

Get access on behalf of a user

Create a Service to Access Microsoft Graph

Configure client credentials using a certificate

OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow

Application authentication certificate credentials

Configure application permissions for the app

Configure a client application to access a web API

Acquire an access token for Microsoft Graph using application permission and client credential certificate

Access token request with a certificate

Acquire a token for authorizing requests from a client app

Acquire an access token using the client secret

Access token request with a shared secret

Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (15-20%)

Optimize Data Usage with Query Parameters

Use $filter query parameter

Filter parameter

Use $select query parameter

Select parameter

Order results using $orderby query parameter

Order by parameter

Set page size of results using $skip and $top query parameters

Skip parameter

Top parameter

Expand and retrieve resources using $expand query parameter

Expand query parameter

Retrieve the total count of matching resources using the $count query parameter

Count query parameter

Search for resources using $search query parameter

Select parameter

Determine the appropriate Microsoft Graph SDK to leverage

Make API calls using the Microsoft Graph SDKs

Optimize Network Traffic

Monitor for changes using change notifications

Set up notifications for changes in user data

Use the Microsoft Graph API to get change notifications

Combine multiple requests using $batch

Combine multiple requests in one HTTP call using JSON batching

Get changes using a delta query

Use delta query to track changes in Graph data

Detect and handle throttling

Microsoft Graph throttling guidance

Access User Data from Microsoft Graph

Get the signed-in user’s profile

Retrieve information of a user

Get a list of users in the organization

List users in your organization

Get the user’s profile photo

Get photo

Get the user object based on the user’s unique identifier

Working with users in Microsoft Graph

Get the user’s manager profile

List manager

Building Apps & solutions with Microsoft 365 Core service exam Q&A

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Access Files with Microsoft Graph

Get the list of files in the signed-in user’s OneDrive

Get a list of all user OneDrive URLs in your organization

Download a file from the signed-in user’s OneDrive using file unique id

Working with files in Microsoft Graph

Download a file from a SharePoint Online site using the relative path to the file

Working with folders and files with REST

Get the list of files trending around the signed-in user

List of documents trending around the user

Upload a large file to OneDrive

Uploading Large Files using Microsoft Graph API

Upload a large file to OneDrive using Graph

Get a user object from an owner list in a group and retrieve that user’s files

List owners

Get a drive item resource

Manage a Group Lifecycle on Microsoft Graph

Get the information on a group by id

Get the properties & relationships of a group object

Get the list of members in a group

Get a list of the group’s direct members

Get the list of owners of a group

Retrieve a list of the group’s owners

Get the list of groups where the signed-in user is a member

Return all the groups that a user is a member of

Get the list of groups where the signed-in user is an owner

List owned objects

Provision a group

Create group

Provision a Team with a group

Create a team from the group

Delete a group

Delete a group

Extend and Customize SharePoint (15-20%)

Describe the Components of a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Web Part

Identify the appropriate tool to create an SPFx Web Part project

SharePoint framework development tools

Describe properties of client-side web parts

Client-side web part properties

Describe Office UI Fabric (Fluent UI) in client-side web parts

Use Office UI in your client-side web part

Describe when to use an app page

Using single part app pages

Differentiate between app page and web part

Difference between an app part and a web part

Describe rendering framework options

Overview of the SharePoint Framework

Describe branding and theming in SharePoint Online

Branding your SharePoint site

SharePoint site theming

Describe SPFx Extensions

Identify the appropriate tool to create an SPFx Extension project

Ultimate developer tool list for SPFx

Describe page placeholders from Application Customizer

Page placeholders from application customizer

Describe the ListView Command Set extension

ListView command set extension

Describe the Field Customizer extension

Field customizer extension

Describe the Process to Package and Deploy an SPFx Solution

Describe the options for preparing a package for deployment

Package & deploy SPFx projects

Describe the options for packaging a solution

SharePoint solution packaging

Describe the requirements of tenant-scoped solution deployment

Tenant-scoped solution deployment for SPFx solutions

Describe the requirements of isolated web parts

Isolated web parts

Describe the options to deploy a solution

Deploy SharePoint Framework solutions

Describe how to build a Microsoft Teams tab by using SPFx

Deployment options for SPFx solutions for Teams

Describe the Consumption of Microsoft Graph

Describe the purpose of the MSGraphClient object

MSGraphClient overview

Describe the methods for granting permissions to Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph permissions reference

Describe the Consumption of Third-party APIs Secured with Azure AD from Within SPFx

Describe the purpose of the AadHttpClient object

AadHttpClient class

Connect to Azure AD apps using the AadHttpClient

Describe the methods for granting permissions to consume a third-party API

Configure the API permissions requests

Describe Web Parts as Teams Tabs

Describe the considerations for creating an SPFx Web Part to be a Teams Tab

Build Microsoft Teams tab using SharePoint Framework

Add a Microsoft Teams tab in SharePoint as an SPFx web part

Describe the options for deploying an SPFx Web Part as a Teams Tab

Deployment options

Extend Teams (20-25%)

Create a Microsoft Teams App Manifest

Configure an app manifest using App Studio

Develop apps with App Studio for Teams

Creating a manifest

Manually create an app manifest to deploy an SPFx Web Part to Teams

Build Teams tab using SharePoint Framework

Create an app package for a Microsoft Teams app

Create an app package for your Teams app

Deploy a Teams App

Describe the options for deploying a Teams app

Deployment options for SPFx solutions for Teams

Sideload an app in Microsoft Teams

Upload an app package to Teams

Publish a Teams app to an organization app catalog

Publish to your organization’s app catalog

Create and Use Task Modules

Create a card-based task module

Card-based task modules

Create an iframe-based task module

Iframe-based task module

Invoke a task module from a tab

Using task modules in tabs

Invoke a task module from a bot

Using task modules from Teams bots

Chain task module invocations

Chaining task module MS Teams

Create a Webhook

Create an outgoing webhook

Create outgoing webhooks

Add bots to Teams with outgoing webhooks

Create an incoming webhook

Create incoming webhooks

Implement Custom Teams Tabs

Create a personal tab

Build a personal tab for Teams

Create a channel/group tab

Build a channel and group tab for Teams

Create a tab with a deep link

Create deep links to content in Teams

Add authentication to a tab

Microsoft Teams authentication flow for tabs

Create a Messaging Extension

Create a search command extension

Define messaging extension search commands

Create an action command extension using an adaptive card

Initiate actions with messaging extensions

Create an action command extension using parameters

Action type message extensions with parameters

Create a Conversational Bot

Create a personal bot

Build a bot for Microsoft Teams

Add a bot to Microsoft Teams

Create a group/channel bot

Channel & Group chat conversations with a Teams bot

Use proactive messaging with a bot

Send proactive messages

Proactive messaging for bots

Send actionable messages from a bot

Creating actionable messages

Sending messages to connectors

Add authentication to a bot

Add authentication to your Teams bot

Extend Office (15-20%)

Describe Fundamental Components and Types of Office Add-ins

Describe task pane and content add-ins

Task panes in Office add-ins

Content Office add-ins

Describe dialog boxes

Dialog boxes in Office add-ins

Describe custom functions

Create custom functions in Excel

Describe Add-in commands

Add-in commands

Describe the purpose of the Office Add-ins manifest

Office Add-ins XML manifest

Describe Office JS APIs

Describe the Office Add-in programming model

Understand Office add-in programming model

Describe Office Add-in developer tools

Debug add-ins using developer tools

Describe the capabilities of the Excel JavaScript API

Excel JavaScript API overview

Describe the capabilities of the Outlook JavaScript API

Outlook JavaScript API

Describe the capabilities of the Word JavaScript API

Word JavaScript API overview

Describe the capabilities of the PowerPoint JavaScript API

JavaScript API for PowerPoint

Describe the capabilities of custom functions

Build a custom function add-in using the Office API

Describe Development of Add-ins

Describe the options for persisting state and settings

Persisting add-in state and settings

Describe Office UI Fabric (Fluent UI) in Office Add-ins

Office UI Fabric in Office Add-ins

Describe when to use Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins

Authentication options in Outlook add-ins

Describe authorization when using Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins

Authorize to Microsoft Graph with SSO

Authorize to Graph without SSO

Describe Testing, Debugging, and Deployment Options

Select deployment options based on requirements

Publish Office add-ins using centralized deployment

Deploy add-ins in the admin center

Describe testing and debugging concepts for Office Add-ins

Test and debug Office Add-ins

Debug add-ins using developer tools

Describe Actionable Messages

Describe the features of actionable messages with an adaptive card

Actionable Messages in Outlook

Design Outlook Actionable Message cards with the Adaptive Card format

Describe the scenarios for refreshing an actionable message

Refresh an actionable message

This brings us to the end of the MS-600 Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services Study Guide.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you how your MS-600 certification preparation is going on!

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