JSNAD Exam Study Guide (OpenJS Node.js Application Developer)

JSNAD (OpenJS Node.js Application Developer) Study Guide

How to Prepare for the JSNAD Exam?

Preparing for the JSNAD OpenJS Node.js Application Developer certification exam? Don’t know where to start? This post is the JSNAD Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from the Internet for each objective of the JSNAD exam. I hope this article will help you to achieve the JSNAD OpenJS Node.js Application Developer Certification. Also, please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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JSNAD OpenJS Node.js Developer Course

Pluralsight (Free trial)Working with Node.js (Learning Path)
UdemyComplete Node.js Developer course

JSNAD OpenJS Node.js Learning Material

CourseraServer-side Development with NodeJS
Linux FoundationNode.js application development
Amazon e-book (PDF)Mastering Node.js | 2nd edition

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Buffer and Streams – 11%

Node.js Buffer API’s

How to use buffers in Node.js?

Node.js buffer module

Node.js buffers

Incremental Processing

Process files incrementally to handle large data files

Transforming Data

Create transform streams for manipulating data with Node.js

ETL: Transform data with Node.js

Connecting Streams

How to connect streams with pipeline?

Connect streams with pipe

Control flow – 12%

Managing asynchronous operations

Understanding async programming in Node.js

Write asynchronous code in Node.js

Asynchronous flow control using async

Control flow abstractions

Node.js control flow

Control flow


Amazon link (affiliate)

Child Processes – 8%

Spawning or Executing child processes

Node.js child processes: Everything you need to know

Child processes in Node.js

Getting started with Node.js child processes

Child process configuration

How to launch child processes in Node.js?

Node.js child process

Diagnostics – 6%

Debugging Node.js

Debugging Node.js

Debug Node.js apps using Visual Studio Code

Running and debugging Node.js

Basic performance analysis

Performance analysis Node.js

How to measure and improve Node.js performance?

Easy profiling for Node.js applications

Error Handling – 8%

Common patterns

Node.js error handling best practices

Best practices for Node.js error-handling

Node.js error handling patterns demystified

Handling errors in various scenarios

A comprehensive guide to error handling in Node.js

Error handling in Node.js

Node.js CLI – 4%

Node executable command-line flags

Command line options

How to parse command line arguments?

Command line arguments for Node.js

Events – 11%

The event system

Node.js events

Handling and dispatching events with Node.js

Node.js events

Building event emitters

The Node.js event emitter

Code your own event emitter in Node.js

Building custom Node.js event emitters

Consuming event emitters

Using event emitters in Node.js

Handling events in Node.js with event emitter

File System – 8%


Node.js file system

How do I read files in Node.js?

Writing files with Node.js


Node.js fs.watch() method

Node.js File System method: fs.watch

JavaScript Prerequisites – 7%

Language fundamentals

JavaScript fundamentals

JavaScript basics – Learn web development

Scoped to core language features introduced since EcmaScript 1 and still heavily used today

ES6 features every Javascript developer should know

The most useful features in the latest Javascript (since ES6

Module system – 7%

CommonJS Module System only

CommonJS JavaScript module format

How the module system, CommonJS & require works

CommonJS modules

Process/Operating System – 6%

Controlling the process


What is Node JS process?

Getting system data

Get system statistics with node.js

Package.json – 6%

Package configuration

What is package.json?


The package.json guide

What is the file ‘package.json’?

Dependency management

Dependency manager in Node.JS

Node.js dependency management

Understand dependency management with node modules

Unit Testing – 6%

Using assertions

Test a Node.js module with Assert


Assert module of Node.js

Testing synchronous code

Testing synchronous code

Synchronous code, functions

Testing asynchronous code

Test async code using await

How to Test Asynchronous Code with Jest

This brings us to the end of the JSNAD OpenJS Node.js Application Developer study guide.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you about how your preparation is going on!

In case you are preparing for other Node.js certification exams, check out the Node.js certificate study guides for those exams.

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