DP-201 (Designing an Azure Data Solution) Exam Study Guide

Preparing for DP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution exam? Don’t know where to start? This post is the DP-201 Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from Microsoft documentation for each objective of DP-201 exam. I hope this article will be your DP-201 Study Guide.

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DP-201 Course

Pluralsight (Learning Path)Azure Data Solution Course
Resources from LinkedInAzure Databricks Essentials [Free trial]
Azure for Developers: Cosmos DB
Azure Data FactoryAzure Data Factory & Migration [Free Trial]
A Course on Azure Data Factory v2


DP-201 Practice Tests & Labs


DP-201 E-book (PDF)


DP-201 Exam Voucher

Test VoucherMicrosoft Azure Single Shot Exam Voucher ($30 OFF)


To view the certificate guide for DP-200, click here. To view all the other Azure certificate study guides, click here

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Design Azure Data Storage Solutions (40-45%)

Design data distribution and partitions



Design for scale, including multi-region, latency, and throughput



Check the Module ‘Tuning for throughput and performance’

Design a solution that uses Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage Gen2, or Blob storage



Select the appropriate Cosmos DB API


Design a disaster recovery strategy


Design for high availability



Design Relational Cloud Data Stores

Design data distribution and partitions


Design for scale, including multi-region, latency, and throughput




Design a solution that uses SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse

Deploying Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure SQL Database

Design a disaster recovery strategy

Check the Module ‘Data Strategies for Disaster Recovery’

Design for high availability

Look at the Module ‘Designing for Azure High Availability’

Amazon link (affiliate)

Design Data Processing Solutions (25-30%)

Design Batch Processing Solutions

Design batch processing solutions by using Data Factory and Azure Databricks

ETL Made Easy with Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks Mark Kromer Microsoft

Identify the optimal data ingestion method for a batch processing solution



Identify where processing should take place, such as at the source, at the destination, or in transit

Building Batch Data Processing Solutions in Microsoft Azure


Design Real-time Processing Solutions

Design for real-time processing by using Stream Analytics and Azure Databricks



Design and provision compute resources


Check the FAQs on Azure Certification

Amazon link (affiliate)

This brings us to the end of DP-201 Study Guide

What do you think? Let me know in the Comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you how your preparation is going on!

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  1. Hi Ravi – for DP-201 – Surprisingly, your guide doesn’t talk about the MS Learning Paths provided on MS’s official page on DP-201 certification to use for preparation of exam. So, how much do the MS Learning Paths provided on MS official page on DP-201 help to clear the exam? Their content seem far too less in comparison to the exhaustive guide provided here …

  2. I took recently DP-200. There were labs in the exam. I am not sure when did you pass the DP-201. Are you sure there are no labs like asking you to do some some tasks in Azure Portal?

  3. Hi Ravikiran, I’m preparing to take DP-201 exam soon.
    Are there any practical task to do on azure portal using Virtual Machine (Like DP-200 has right now) or there is just a set of questions and test cases?

    1. Hi Park – Did you clear the DP-201 and did the links from this blog prove sufficient for preparation ? Any advise plz . ..

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