CTAD Exam Study Guide (Certified TARS Application Developer)

CTAD Certified TARS Application Developer Study Guide

How to Prepare for the CTAD Exam?

Preparing for the CTAD Certified TARS Application Developer certification exam? Don’t know where to start? This post is the CTAD Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from the Internet for each objective of the CTAD exam. I hope this article will help you to achieve the CTAD Certified TARS Application Developer Certification. Also, please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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CTAD Certified TARS Developer Course

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UdemyMaster Microservices with Spring Cloud

CTAD Certified TARS Developer Course

CourseraBuilding scalable Java Microservices
Amazon e-book (PDF)Designing & building Microservices

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Configuration – 12%

Configuration templates

Template configuration

Customizing configuration file

Get config files in Tars framework

Configuration hierarchy and inheritance

TAF (Total Application Framework) basic concepts

Database & Storage – 6%


Mysql installation

Focus on microservice ecosystem


Features of DCache

List of error codes returned by Tars framework & Dcache

DCache distributed storage system

DCache distributed storage system installation deployment


What is Network File System?

Network File System

Volumes in Docker

Use Docker volumes

Guide to Docker Volumes

Understanding Volumes in Docker

Installation & Deployment – 10%


Docker installation

Install Docker Engine

Install Docker Compose

Deploy your app

Deploy to Kubernetes

Source code

Tars documentation

Logging & Monitoring – 18%

Dyeing logs

Tars dyeing

Tars logs

Tars dyeing logs collect and record specific logs

Remote logging

Tars node logs

Properties monitoring

Tars monitoring

Monitor | Tars

Service monitoring principle

CTAD TARS Study Guide

Amazon link (affiliate)

RPC & Networking – 18%

Tars protocols

Tars protocol

Tars case instructions

TarsCpp protocol support

Serialization and deserialization

Notes on Tars agreement & Tup agreement

TARS | Focus on microservice ecosystem


Contents | TarsDocs

Scheduling – 16%


IDC Group intro

Load balancing

Dynamic load balancing based on open source Tars

TARS load balancing



Types of Routing

Failure preventing (circuit breaker)

Circuit breaker

Name service

What is a Name Service?

Introduction to Name Services

TARS Core Concepts – 8%

Framework components

TARS framework & architecture

Basic components of the microservice open source framework TARS

Building a service

Tars service tutorials

HTTP service tutorials

Testing – 6%

Interface debugger

How to debug?

Quick start to Tars


Tars JMeter introduction


TarsBenchmark: Benchmark tool for tars/http service


Instructions for TarsBenchmark

Troubleshooting – 6%

Error scenarios

List of error codes returned by Tars framework

Cause of the error as shown in the figure

Configuration errors

Principle of service configuration

This brings us to the end of the CTAD Certified TARS Application Developer study guide.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you about how your preparation is going on!

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