AZ-305 Exam Study Guide (Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions)

AZ-305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions study guide

How to Prepare for the AZ-305 Exam?

Preparing for the AZ-305 (Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions) exam? Don’t know where to start? This post is the AZ-305 Study Guide, which helps you to achieve the Microsoft Azure Certified Solutions Architect expert certification.

Note: This exam is in beta and replaces both the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams.

This post contains a curated list of articles from Microsoft documentation for each objective of the AZ-305 exam. Please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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Design Identity, Governance, and Monitoring Solutions (25-30%)

Design a Solution for Logging and Monitoring

Design a log routing solution

Enhanced capabilities for routing logs and metrics

Route platform logs using diagnostic settings with Azure Monitor

Recommend an appropriate level of logging

Control the log level for Azure diagnostic logs

Control the logging levels in Azure Functions

Recommend a monitoring tool(s) for a solution

Azure Monitor overview

Azure monitoring tools

Design Authentication and Authorization Solutions

Recommend a solution for securing resources with role-based access controls

Secure your resources with Azure RBAC

How to secure your resources with Azure RBAC?

Recommend an identity management solution

Azure security features that help with identity management

Azure Identity & Access Management solutions

Identity management best practices

Recommend a solution for securing identities

Planning Microsoft Azure Identity

Secure access to your apps by using Azure identity services

Implement Microsoft Azure Architech Technologies Exam Prep az-305

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Design Governance

Recommend an organizational and hierarchical structure for Azure resources

Organize your Azure resources effectively

Organize your resources with management groups

Manage & organize multiple Azure subscriptions

Recommend a solution for enforcing and auditing compliance

Build policies to enforce compliance

Improve your regulatory compliance

Design Identities and Access for Applications

Recommend solutions to allow applications to access Azure resources

Create an Azure AD app that accesses resources

Manage access to apps in Azure AD

Recommend a solution that securely stores passwords and secrets

Set and retrieve a secret from Key Vault

Store credentials in Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault: A secure place to store passwords

Recommend a solution for integrating applications into Azure AD

Integrate Azure Active Directory with apps

5 steps for integrating all your apps with Azure AD

SaaS app integration with Azure AD

Recommend a user consent solution for applications

Configure how end-users consent to apps

Azure AD app consent experiences

Manage consent to applications

Design Data Storage Solutions (25-30%)

Design a Data Storage Solution for Relational Data

Recommend database service tier sizing

Service tiers in the DTU-based purchase model

Azure Database – Choose the right service tier

Recommend a solution for database scalability

Dynamically scale database resources with minimal downtime

Azure SQL Database scalability

Get a high-performance scale for your Azure database with Hyperscale

Scale single database resources

Recommend a solution for encrypting data at rest, data in transmission, and data in use

Azure data encryption at rest

Security control: Encrypt data in transit

Design Data Integration

Recommend a solution for data integration

Azure Data Factory (ADF) data integration

Data Integration with Azure Data Factory

Azure certification Frequently Asked Questions

Recommend a solution for data analysis Recommend a Data Storage Solution

Recommend a solution for storing relational data

Understand relational database management systems

Work with relational data in Azure

Describe how to work with relational data on Azure

Recommend a solution for storing semi-structured data

Classify your data

XML format in Azure Data Factory & Synapse

Index semi-structured data in JSON blobs

Recommend a solution for storing non-relational data

Manage non-relational data stores in Azure

Non-relational data and NoSQL

Explore non-relational data in Azure

Design a Data Storage Solution for Non-relational Data

Recommend access control solutions to data storage

Access control lists in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Access control model for Data Lake Storage

Authorize data operations in Azure Storage

Recommend a data storage solution to balance features, performance, and cost

Block blob storage performance tiers

Performance & scalability checklist for Blob storage

Azure Premium Storage: Design for high performance

Plan and manage costs for Azure Blob Storage

Design a data solution for protection and durability

Securing data solutions: Data protection

Data security and encryption best practices

Overview of the reliability pillar

Design Business Continuity Solutions (10-15%)

Design a Solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Recommend a recovery solution for Azure, hybrid, and on-premises workloads that meet recovery objectives (RTO, RLO, RPO)

Disaster recovery solution for Azure IaaS applications

Azure Disaster Recovery: Azure-to-Azure and Physical-to-Azure

Reduce disaster recovery time with Azure Site Recovery

Understand the recovery solutions for containers

az backup container

Get-Az Recovery Services Backup Container

Recommend a backup and recovery solution for Compute

Backup & restore with Azure Backup Instant Restore capability

Enable backup when you create an Azure VM

Back up an Azure VM from the VM settings

Recommend a backup and recovery solution for databases

Back up multiple SQL Server VMs from the vault

Back up SQL Server always-on availability groups

Back up and restore your Azure SQL database

Recommend a backup and recovery solution for unstructured data

Overview of operational backup for Azure Blobs

How to backup Azure Blob storage accounts?

Backup & replication for Apache HBase

Design for High Availability

Identify the availability requirements of Azure resources

Availability options for Azure Virtual Machines

Azure services that support availability zones

Recommend a high availability solution for Compute

Highly available multi-region web app

Availability options for Azure Virtual Machines

Recommend a high availability solution for non-relational data storage

High availability in Azure Cosmos DB

Recommend a high availability solution for relational data storage

High availability for Azure SQL Database & Managed Instance

High availability in Azure Database for MySQL

Design Infrastructure Solutions (25-30%)

Design a Compute Solution

Recommend a Virtual Machine-based compute solution

Microsoft Azure App Service, Cloud Services, or VMs?

Azure VMs or Azure App Service. Which one to choose?

Choosing an Azure compute service

Recommend an appropriately sized compute solution based on workload requirements

Virtual machine sizing guidelines

How to choose an Azure Virtual Machine?

Recommend a Container-based compute solution

Choose compute platforms for container-based apps

Recommend a Serverless-based compute solution

Choose the best Azure serverless technology for your business

Serverless compute options in Azure

Design a Application Architecture

Recommend a caching solution for applications

Caching guidance: Best practices for cloud apps

What is Azure Cache for Redis?

Recommend a messaging architecture

Asynchronous messaging options

Messaging patterns

Design an Azure messaging architecture

Recommend an event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture style

Architecture patterns for event-driven applications

Why you should consider an event-driven architecture?

Recommend an automated deployment solution for your applications

Automating Node.js deployments with Azure Pipelines

Automate deployments from Azure Repos with Octopus Deploy

VSTS: Automated deployment to Azure Web App

An introduction to Azure Automation

Recommend an application configuration management solution

Simplify configuration management with Azure App Configuration

Configure Azure services with Configuration Manager

Recommend a solution for API integration

Architect API integration in Azure

Basic enterprise integration on Azure

An overview of Azure integration services

Design Migrations

Evaluate migration solution that leverages the Cloud Adoption Framework

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Cloud migration in Cloud Adoption Framework

Assess workload and refine plans

Assess and interpret on-premises servers, data, and applications for migration

Assess physical servers for migration to Azure

Azure VM assessments in Azure Migrate

Assess and migrate web apps to Azure

Azure Migrate: Discover, Assess, migrate demo

Assess SQL Server data estate

Recommend a solution for migrating applications and Virtual Machines

Migrate an on-premises web application to Azure App Service

Application migration examples for Azure

Migrate VMware VMs to Azure

Migrating Hyper-V VMs to Azure

Migrate on-premises machines to Azure

Recommend a solution for migrating databases

What is Azure Database Migration Service?

Migrate SQL Server databases to Azure

Recommend a solution for migrating unstructured data

Azure Storage migration tools comparison for unstructured data

Migration of unstructured data

Design Network Solutions

Recommend a network architecture solution based on workload requirements

Azure network architecture

Architect network infrastructure in Azure

Azure networking architecture documentation

Recommend a connectivity solution that connects Azure resources to the Internet

Provide internet access for Azure Virtual Machines

Recommend a connectivity solution that connects Azure resources to on-premises networks

Connect an on-premises network to Azure VNet

Connecting an on-premises network to Azure

Extend an on-premises network using VPN

Optimize network performance for applications

Optimize VM network throughput

Azure virtual machine network throughput

Recommend a solution to optimize network security

Azure network security

Recommend a load balancing and routing solution

Load-balancing options

A guide to help you choose the correct load balancing solution

Picking the right Azure Load balancing solution

Azure virtual network traffic routing

This brings us to the end of the AZ-305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure solutions study guide

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you about how your preparation is going on!

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