How to create an e-commerce website with Bluehost, WordPress & WooCommerce

Build an eCommerce WordPress Website with Bluehost & WooCommerce


1. Get the Hosting with Bluehost:

Navigate to Bluehost and click the ‘Get Started’ button

Bluehost Getting Started Page
Bluehost Getting Started Page


Select a plan:

of the below choices. If you are getting started with creating a website, choose the Basic plan, which will be more than sufficient. Later once your website scales, you can upgrade to higher plans

Bluehost Web Hosting Plans
Bluehost Web Hosting Plans


Choose a domain name:

And click ‘Next’


Choosing a domain name
Choose a domain name
  1. If you are getting started anew, check for the availability of the domain name. The cost of the domain name is included in the plan.
  2. If you already own a domain name, and just want Bluehost hosting, enter the domain name you own. You need to verify that you own the domain name at a later stage
  3. If you do not want a domain name, and content with, select ‘I’ll create my domain later’. But I strongly recommend you to choose a domain name, as you do not pay anything extra for the domain with Bluehost hosting

If the domain name is available, you would see a success message as below:

Domain name available Success message
Domain name available Success message

Else, if the domain name is not available, Bluehost will suggest you to provide alternative name for your business.

With domain name out of the way, it is time to fill in the details. You will be thrown a form to fill in with all sorts of information:


Filling in the form details:

Account Information:

In this section, make sure to enter the email address which you check frequently. You hosting details will be sent to this email address. Also you login to Bluehost with this email address.

Account Information
Account Information


Package information:

Review the information below for Package information:

Package Information
Package Information
  1. Select an account plan for 12 months. Other available options are 24 months and 36 months
  2. The primary domain is FREE. So no reason, not to get the domain along with the hosting
  3. Your hosting plan comes with a free SSL certificate. It is needed for your ecommerce site as your customers will enter credit card information to purchase the merchandise


Package Extras:

Bluehost, by default, adds the following add-ons to your purchase. You can deselect them to reduce the cost, but I strongly encourage you to retain them due to the following reasons:

Package Extras
Package Extras
  1. Your public information will be available in the WHOIS database once you create the website. The aftermath is that the spammers and attackers can see it and you may receive unwanted phone calls, text emails. With Domain Privacy Protection, you can hide your details and it will protect you from fraudulent domain transfers and SEO blacklists.
  2. When you setup a website, you will observe that you will receive multiple pings from bots (that inflates the Google Analytics data) and many spam comments that will endlessly annoy you. SiteLock blocks these spammers. It also prevents your site from XSS Scripting and SQL injection attacks. Attackers are always looking for such vulnerabilities in your site so they can hack them. So I highly recommend you to leave them untouched
  3. CodeGuard takes multiple backups of your site daily across multiple locations. In the event that a disaster should strike, you can easily restore the site with the latest backup. I highly recommend you to have this feature checked, else you may end up losing all your hard work


Payment Information:

Finally, fill in the Credit Card details. I tried with debit card, but, it does not work.

Bluehost Payment Information

Bluehost Payment Information


2. Install WordPress in Bluehost


3. Install WooCommerce Plugin

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