CHFA Exam Study Guide (Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator)

CHFA HyperLedger Study Guide

How to Prepare for the CHFA Exam?

Preparing for the CHFA Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator certification exam? Don’t know where to start? This post is the CHFA Certificate Study Guide (with links to each exam objective).

I have curated a list of articles from the Internet for each objective of the CHFA exam. I hope this article will help you to achieve the CHFA Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator Certification. Also, please share the post within your circles so it helps them to prepare for the exam.

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CHFA Certified Hyperledger Admin. Course

Pluralsight (Free trial)Building Blockchains with Hyperledger
LinkedIn Learning (Free trial)Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
UdemyHyperledger Fabric – First Practical Blockchain

CHFA Hyperledger Administrator Learning Stuff

Linux FoundationHyperledger Fabric Administration
CourseraBlockchain platforms (specialization)
Amazon e-book (PDF)Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric

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Application Lifecycle Management – 20%

Install and Instantiate chaincode package

Install and instantiate hyperledger

Deploying a smart contract to a channel

Deploy chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric

Configure endorsement policy

Endorsement policies

How to configure Endorsement policy in Hyperledger?

Endorsement policies in Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger fabric endorsement policies at Chaincode & state level

Define collection policy for private data

Private Data Collection Policy: Demonstrate members-only features

Hyperledger private data

Private data collection

Private data collections: A high-level overview

Modify or upgrade chaincode

How to upgrade a chaincode after modification?

Upgrade a chaincode

Install and Configure Network – 25%

Modify the world state database configuration

World state | Hyperledger

World state database options

Examine the behaviour of Hyperledger Fabric when World State is tampered

Is it possible to hack the world state in Hyperledger composer?

Define initial multi-org configuration policy

A multi-organization application in Hyperledger Fabric

Configure Ordering service (Raft)

Configuring & operating a Raft ordering service

Hyperledger ordering service: Deep dive into the Raft Algorithm

Hyperledger Fabric (Raft consensus) step-by-step setup

Configure Hyperledger Fabric containers

Tips for running Hyperledger Fabric on Kubernetes

Hyperledger Fabric from Docker compose to Orchestration

Define network config options (block creation options, etc)

Building your first network


How to change block parameters in Hyperledger Composer?

How exactly blocks are created in hyperledger fabric?

Enable TLS for communication

Securing communication with TLS

Hyperledger Fabric – Enable TLS

Use TLS to enable secure communications between the network & client

TLS in Hyperledger Fabric

Generate genesis block

Generate the genesis block of the orderer

Creating the Genesis block

Importance of orderer genesis block in Hyperledger Fabric

Configure service discovery node (e.g. peer and orderer addresses)

Service discovery

How to use the discovery service?

How does service discovery work in Hyperledger® Fabric?

CHFA Hyperledger fabric

Amazon link (affiliate)

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting – 15%

Query and analyze peer logs

Peer logging

Peer commands

Logging control

Analyzing Hyperledger logs using Elasticsearch & Kibana

Query and analyze CA logs

Certificate Authority (CA) setup

Generate certificates using Certificate Authority in Hyperledger Fabric

Query and analyze Orderer logs

How can I see the full orderer logs in Hyperledger Fabric?

Step-by-step exploring orderer code of Hyperledger Fabric

Query and analyze chaincode logs

Understand, write & deploy Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric

Parsing Chaincode logs from Blockchain platform

Membership Service Provider – 20%

Configure ACL

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Implement & update ACLs for Hyperledger Fabric

Access Control in Hyperledger Composer

Create end-user identity

Manage user authentication for Hyperledger

Revoke an identity

Revoking an identity from a participant

Hyperledger Composer Identity Revoke command

Unleash the power of the Fabric CA & revoke certificates in Hyperledger Fabric

Certificate revocation in Fabric CA server

Configure and start Hyperledger Fabric CA

Fabric CA commands

Fabric-CA server’s configuration file

Configure Hyperledger Fabric for the hardware security module

Using a Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Setting up of HSM service for Hyperledger Fabric

Network Maintenance and Operations – 20%

Add a peer to an existing organization

Add a peer to an organization in a test network

How to add a peer to an existing Hyperledger Fabric network?

Add a new peer to an existing organization in Hyperledger Fabric

Create a channel

Creating a new channel

Create a channel

Video: Creating channels in Hyperledger Fabric

How to create a Hyperledger Fabric channel

Add an org to a channel

Adding an org to a channel

Add a new organization to an existing Hyperledger Fabric network

Adding organization to channel in Hyperledger Fabric

Update channel configuration

Updating a channel configuration

Update a channel configuration

Adding /updating channel capabilities in Hyperledger Fabric

Update a Hyperledger Fabric Instance

Upgrading to the newest version of Fabric

The expert’s guide to Hyperledger Fabric v2.0 migration

This brings us to the end of the CHFA Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator study guide.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section if I have missed out on anything. Also, I love to hear from you about how your preparation is going on!

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